Position Purple – Leadership of the New Kind

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Position Purple is a training organization that practices a unique philosophy.

The training philosophy is based on three principles:

1. Training is focused on development of self and only as a secondary objective on development of skills.

2. Training and courses operate outside of the ‘master-student’ paradigm, and focus more on self-discovery. Therefore, participating in Position Purple activity can be likened to an expedition rather than a guided tour.

3. The ‘training ecosystem’ plays an essential role in the success of any training program. This dictates usage of special techniques and technologies (outdoor and indoor) as well as a mindful and dedicated approach by instructors and staff.

The first principle is derived from the belief and evidence that people can and want to develop, and that development is a natural dynamic for people. Building on this premise, traits such as confidence, charisma, patience, integrity and even intelligence can and should develop.  When a person sets themselves on this path, skill acquisition becomes easy, because the thrust of life gets so much stronger.

The second principle is simply based on the understanding that there is a natural love for self-discovery imprinted in every life.  People also remember better and internalize what they have managed to learn by themselves. Although there are segments of knowledge transference in Position Purple programs, the emphasis is on experiential learning and self-directed objectives’ setting.

The third principle is to do with providing the right ‘Training Ecosystem’.  The ecosystem in this case, is to do with the integration of physical environment, with matching tools and technologies, and with the right attitude from staff and the values held by them.  The goal is to create an environment where people feel safe and open and can therefore make the best usage of their time in the training.